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Mom & baby care products are essential for daily use and personal care. Some of these items are only used for a short period of time, such as nursing accessories. Others are disposable, such as diapers and wet wipes, which you discard after use. Manufacturers are constantly coming up with solutions to these problems. For example, you can use baby powder or wipes to wash your hands. These products are usually all-natural and easy on the purse.

The market for mom & baby care products in India is growing fast, owing to the emergence of many global an dam tu chi huy. brands. India is the most preferred country for these products, particularly in metro cities, where per capita spending on baby personal care products is the lowest. Online sales for baby care products in India are estimated at around Rs 200-250 crore, and they double within a year. However, the market is highly competitive and a good strategy is to identify how young parents make purchasing decisions.

One company that stands out among other companies is the Moms Co. Founded by a banker and engineer, Malika Sadani realized that India’s market for safe and natural baby products was untapped. The Moms Co., founded on the principle of ‘Love without Compromise’, offers a range of products that are suitable for Indian parents. Its baby lotion, wash and shampoo sets include natural ingredients that are gentle enough for babies and are gentle enough to be used by both parents.

Aquaphor is an all-purpose skin-care product for babies. It is formulated specifically for sensitive skin, and it even extends the life of perfume. For babies with sore bottoms, Aquaphor is a must-have, as it acts as a barrier between the diaper and sensitive skin. It also smells good! Baby shampoo and baby oils are also perfect for keeping baby’s hair clean and healthy. So, don’t forget about all the baby products!

Besides soaps and lotions for babies, moms should also use lotions, rash creams, and moisturizers. Baby shampoos are typically formulated to be gentle and nonirritating, which makes it safer to use. Baby shampoos are generally made with ingredients that are less harsh than bath additives, but they still have a lower concentration. It is also important to use soaps and detergents with low levels of dye and perfume as they are harsh to a newborn’s skin. Similarly, diaper wipes and dryer sheets should not contain talc, since talc can cause breathing problems in babies.

If you’re worried about saddling your newborn with toxic or chemical products, you can choose a subscription service. EcoCentric Mom ships out products that are natural and safe for moms and babies. They match products to the stage of pregnancy and the age of the baby to ensure you have the best care. You can even gift a subscription to EcoCentric. The benefits of this subscription service are many. Not only will you be surprised by how much you’ll save, but you’ll also have the option of receiving a gift for a new mom!

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