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Kitten care may be daunting for the first time kitty owner. There are a lot of associated factors to know about kitten care. Care can be merely about keeping an eye on the kittens but may also be more involved with bottle feeding (if the queen is not around) through to socializing your kitten F1 savannah kittens for adoption . You will need to learn these things in order to raise your kitten effectively. Kitten care should be fun. You will notice that in the early days, your kitten is a totally helpless little thing to begin with.

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With care, your kitten will grow into a strong, intelligent, and caring feline. Kittens will grow quickly and in those very first six weeks, they will develop the fastest during their entire lifespan. This particular phase is crucial. There are some things that you ought to not really do at this stage of the kitten’s existence.

Diet is vital and certainly you should never feed the kitten just any food and especially, as some owners do, dog food! The food needs to be especially designed for a kitten with the essential nutrients and vitamins needed for good health and growth. The diet you give is an essential party of kitten care. Avoid giving your kitten any food off the plates or offering processed food that we humans eat – for example; tuna from a can.

If you want a social cat then try bonding with the kitten early on with lots of cuddles and love. Let the kitten experience the joy of human company early on and the chances are you will have a loving and sociable cat to enjoy. Obviously there are no guarantees with this as cats are cats and some plainly enjoy their own company but it is important to try and socialize the kitten as best you can.When deciding on toys, make sure that you do not give your kitten stuff that it can easily choke on. Long bits of wool or string should be played with only under observation and never left alone with the kitten.

For teething purposes and fun for your kitty, consider getting a simple plastic straw that will be of endless amusement to the feline and a fantastic tool for the teething. There are some great kitten toys available from your pet store or online and these are made with thought to a kitten – avoiding the dangers of toxins in the materials or any parts that may shred and become a health issue.

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