Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

“I have trained for many years in self-defense.” You think to yourself. You know your ‘stuff’ right? You can simultaneously block that hook punch while delivering that sharp downward punch to the solar plexus of your attacker… incapacitating him. Perhaps you are even knowledgeable 7.62×39 hunting ammo enough to incorporate some type of fancy throw into your technique. You have even trained some weapons, and multiple attackers scenarios. This is also great.

But what good is it all, if you allow yourself to become so easily victimized in every other area of your life? Self-defense, or personal protection is so much more than the physical tactics you learn in the training hall, or dojo. Self-defense is with you always. It is a state of mind. Perhaps you need a mindset shift in order to see it as such, and if this describes you, I urge you to give yourself permission to just trust me for now, and consider these scenarios.

You are driving home late at night. You have to travel in terrible weather, and your vehicle breaks down. You then realize that you have never maintained it, and have never checked the oil. Now you are stuck outside, and in terrible weather. Would having a well-maintained vehicle be considered self-defense? You bet it would. The weather is extremely cold, and there is a risk of freezing to death. Would being prepared with fire starting tools, and the skills you developed previously be a part of your self-defense plan? Sure. I am not even talking about being prepared to deal with any possible animal encounters… the four-legged, or the two-legged variety. Once again, being prepared is self-defense.

And when you do get home, you’re tired from walking home, so you quickly fall asleep. Is your home reasonably burglar proof? At least harder to break into than your neighbors? Is this sensible self-defense? Once again, yes. You have replaced the batteries in your smoke detectors, you have a “fire plan”, and if you live above the second floor, you have a fire ladder yes? Is having this equipment, and the forethought set up beforehand a facet of your personal protection plan?

You are not paranoid and you are not a ‘prepper’ with an arsenal of guns and ammo (not that I am saying that is a bad thing.) But you are prepared. You have taken care of the details in advance so when the panic hits you don’t have to rush to the grocery store, and fight the mobs. You have the means to clean your water, and you have at least a week’s food, and medications. All of this after all, is self-defense. What is your personal protection plan for yourself, and your family? More importantly, do they know about it?

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