Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

A lot of people out there need a quick way to get educated. They have been forced out of jobs they’ve held for years, and now can’t reapply unless they have a college degree. Some have àm bằng đại học chất lượng decided to accept a lower standard of living rather than go back to college. Some have decided on a trade school, as they are quicker and often promise some kind of employment. Most dread the thought of enduring the four to eight years college would require.

America Needs a GED Equivalent for a College Degree — The James G. Martin  Center for Academic Renewal

What if there was a much faster way to get through college? I faced the same dilemma a little over a year ago. I lost the job I was doing for years and couldn’t get it back. All doors were closed to those without a college diploma. And that didn’t mean an associate’s degree (a two year degree), it meant a full four-year bachelor’s degree. I was offended by this. I had the skills to do the job. I had the skills to get the degree: I just chose not to. I figured I had no problem proving myself on any job, so I would just continue to do so throughout my life. That was no longer good enough. In this environment, I couldn’t even get an interview unless I had graduated from college.

I decided to go back, and in a little over a year, to my astonishment, I was done. How could this be? With my engineering and mathematical background, I had a theory about it. I figured everything out and summed up that it could be done in a year. Then I proved it to myself by actually pulling it off. Now, doors are opening like never before. I’m interviewing for jobs two levels above where I was before, and for a much higher salary than I made before. I’m looking at more social security money in retirement, more job security while I work, and more respect for every day I don’t call in sick!

What I discovered about college was so powerful, I just had to share it. I felt then as I do now, that any ape can get a degree. I want to restore hope, as I have to guess most people have given up on college for the very reasons of time and expense. With this fast college degree program, you can reconsider it. If you are tired of financial difficulties and are as concerned about your future as I was about mine, you can follow what I did and have your degree in record time. Forget the trade school compromise. You can earn a diploma from a fully-accredited university in the same amount of time, and it will be far more valuable to you. Don’t wait: get started now. Best of luck to you and I’ll see you at the top!

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