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Have you ever seen pictures or videos of people buying a full shopping cart of groceries and only paying several dollars for the lot? And although I haven’t watched it, I have found many references to a new program on The Learning Channel in the US highlighting some of these shoppers and how much they actually saved . Believe me, it does really work…I have done it myself. But the real question is… have you ever clipped coupons and used them? After reading about couponing or watching a YouTube video on it, did you start watching for them to clip in the next edition of your paper?

No matter what you have seen or heard, I want to tell you that Power Couponing (and Extreme Couponing) is a very real passion for many people seatgeek coupon code . The ones that you have seen on YouTube videos or on The Learning Channel are real people. You see, cutting them out or collecting them to save you money on your groceries (and many other products) actually does work. You may use just one or two coupons when you go shopping, but some people go armed with pocket full of them to maximize their savings. You need to have a look at why it actually works.

What is a coupon? It is a simple advertisement for the store or the product. Let’s imagine that you had a coupon that would save you $1 on a $2 item that you normally use. The store is hoping to entice you to buy it, and also hoping that at the same time, you will purchase other items. You save money because you used the coupon, the store makes money because (hopefully) you purchased other products. So now you have saved $1. If you saved $1 on 10 different items in a week, that is $10. That is what basic couponing does for you.

Now, let’s take it up a notch. Power couponing takes it a few steps further. Imagine if you could use several on each item that you bought. Imagine that the $1 you saved turned into $2 on that $2 item. The advertisers do not expect you to do that. It won’t happen all the time, but many advertisers (either the major company or individual stores) will advertise in many different locations. They do not expect that you would be able to get all the coupons from the different advertising media and benefit from the multiple coupons. So let us examine the $2 item again. If you found a coupon for $1 off and used it…you would only pay $1 for the item (basic couponing). Now, if you found another coupon advertising Buy 1, Get 1 Free for the same item (same basic principle for the retailer….pay $2 and get a Free item gives a net result of $1 per item) They do not imagine that you would have both coupons! You purchase one $2 item with the $1 off coupon AND use the Buy 1, Get 1 Free coupon which means you get 2 of the same $2 item for only $1…or 50 cents a piece. Much better deal for you…you just saved 75% of the purchase. This is Power Couponing or Extreme Couponing.

Couponing, whether basic or to the extreme is actually an art. You need to know where to find the them. You need to keep organized to ensure that none of them are expired, or have limitations. Individual retailers may have policies on using multiple coupons on a single item either imposed by themselves or by the manufacturers. Of course you can only use them for the items they are advertising. In some instances, some stores will accept the multiple coupons as long as it they have sufficient inventory of the item to cover the ones that they accept. Sometimes, the bigger the store, the better it is for you, although not always.

The reality of it is that you will only benefit from power couponing or extreme couponing if you put some effort into it. In my eyes, your time is also worth something. You should not need to spend any more than an hour a week into collecting the coupons from different sources. It all depends on what you consider your time to be worth. However, the bottom line is that if you can save 25%, 50% or even 75% on your groceries each week, then it is definitely worth considering.

A few years ago, one of my friends told me she thought my enthusiasm for clipping coupons to use whenever I went shopping was a waste of time. Today, she has joined my quest and her enthusiasm easily matches mine.

Coupons have become a real blessing to modern families that find themselves caught between higher prices for necessities, and an ever-shrinking, or in some cases, non-existent paycheck.

You don’t have to turn into a fanatical shopper who refuses to buy a single item unless he or she has a “cents-off” coupon for the purchase, but you can, by spending just a few minutes a day, end up saving yourself many dollars at the super-market checkout counter.

If you are among those for whom the economy is not looking so good these days, why not start a coupon club in your neighborhood, church group, or school?

Your group will have fun visiting together as they thumb through piles of newspapers, magazines, and mail advertisements, clipping those coupons they want for themselves along with some to share with others in the group. Soon group members will learn what members of the group are looking for and pass along coupons for those items to them. Left-over coupons can be filed in a community box that any member can pick coupons from before and after the meetings. One member may volunteer for the job of keeping the surplus coupons filed in good order, or all members may serve as the filer for a month at a time. It is really helpful if the filer is able to use a highlighter to mark the expiration date on each coupon, to make expired coupons easier to spot and discard.

Group participants may also agree to take turns being responsible for simple refreshments if your group meets in the evening, but having each person bring their own drink and a sack lunch may work better for daytime meetings.

Keeping track of the savings made by the group for a month at a time is a great activity, and will remind the members of how much coupons really add up to in real cash savings.

In our family, we use a lot of “buy one, get one free” coupons, especially for vitamins and restaurants. “Cents off” coupons are also favorites, and some supermarkets offer to double the value of cents off coupons, making your savings even better.

In addition to reaping great benefits for themselves, members of your group may come up with new ideas on how to help others through their coupon clipping. Some groups I have heard of have packaged left over coupons after each meeting to be delivered to a local mission or day care group. You might even call ahead to see if there are particular types of coupons they can use. Coupons for dog and cat food, and litter are a real help for elderly persons who own pets while struggling to get by on fixed incomes.

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