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There are a lot of things that can go wrong inside a red worms bin. But bad situations can be avoided by taking care of the worm composter, keeping it maintained, and of course, keeping an eye on the needs of the red wiggler worms. However, if things get unpleasant, here are a few symptoms, causes, and solutions to help you resolve the problems at hand.

Let’s start off with a smelly red wigglers bin. If the worm composter starts to smell really foul (it could smell like garbage or like rotten eggs), then you’ve got to consider a bensupstairs review best axe for splitting wood few things. Your composter is probably too wet or food scraps such as dairy, meat, or fish have been placed inside it. Take note that compost worms shouldn’t be fed with such things as these can pose harmful to their health. What you can do to resolve the odor problem is to put in some newspaper shreds to help soak up the excess water. As for the food scraps, you’re going to have to immediately take these out of the bin.

Now if you happen to come across a worm bin that has fruit flies hovering over it (especially when the bin isn’t covered), then chances are, there are food scraps open for them to gorge in at. What you can do to remedy this though is to bury the food scraps under the bedding.

You may also encounter bedding problems, especially when it concerns the moisture level of it. Your red worms won’t be able to survive in conditions where there is a bedding that is either too wet or too dry. Keeping a really wet habitat for your worms can lead to them drowning. Leaving the bedding too dry on the other hand is also harmful to them. You should know that worms breathe through their skin, and they are constantly needed to be kept moist to be able to take in air normally. So to settle this, spray or sprinkle just enough water to dampen the bedding. This will be able to balance things out.

Are you planning a holiday in England? Instead of London and the south, why not try the north east of England? It is a region steeped in history, where the natives are friendly, the golden beaches are long and the countryside magnificent. If you like to shop, eat, drink and be merry, make Newcastle upon Tyne – the party capital of the north – your base. Visit China Town, Eldon Square, the Bigg Market and the quayside areas for your shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.

There are masses of places to visit nearby and one of them is Penshaw Monument. Travel south from Newcastle on the A1 or the A19 and if you haven’t been to the area before, you may be surprised to see a Greek temple dominating the skyline. The temple stands on Penshaw Hill and was built in 1844 by Thomas Pratt as a memorial to the first Earl Of Durham, John George Lambton. Follow the path that winds up the hill for magnificent views of Durham and the river Wear.

Penshaw, the Wear and the Lambton family in particular, feature in the legend of The Lambton Worm. The worm in question was no ordinary common all garden worm, but was, despite it’s small beginnings, a worm or wyrm that grew into a giant snakelike dragon. The local myth was adapted in 1867 from an oral tradition into a pantomime song, written by C. M. Leumane and performed on stage at the Tyne Theatre in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

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