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If you’ve ever been out there trying to get a better job, I don’t have to tell you how difficult it is. But an extra layer of difficulty arises when you are trying to move up to a higher level in your career to a job you’ve never held before.

For example, if you are a general practice lawyer, who has studied estate planning on your own time, but have no formal experience in estate planning, how do you get a quality law firm to consider you for a specialized position as an estate planning attorney?

The answer: write a blog on the topic of estate planning.

Employers are looking for solutions to problems, not employees ASSOCIATE HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . You will only get hired if you are seen as the solution to a pressing problem that has to be solved, not if you are perceived as another person to be added to the payroll who must then be trained to do the job.

So begin your blog on the topic related to the job you want. If you want to move up to a job as a sports writer, start a sports blog ASSOCIATE HOME DEPOT HEALTH CHECK . If you want to be hired as computer software sales person, start a blog on the type of software you want to sell.

Subscribe to Google NewsAlerts for current information on the topic your blog is devoted to.

One day after you do this, you will start getting emails from Google with links to news items and new web pages related to this topic. Open your word processor and copy links and small snippets of the text from these alerts and then add your own comments.

Within six months, if you post four or five new articles to your blog every day, you will have a high profile on the internet for your field. Soon, prospective employers will start seeking you out and be contacting you for more information.

  • Introductory Paragraphs: There are writers who prefer to push back the introduction phase of their article to a later stage or to work on it, after they are done with the conclusion part. Usually, researchers recommend to begin the articles with introduction as it provides the writer with a normal flow and is progressive from all aspects of curating a successful article. Even this article contains 3 introductory paragraphs. Follow these simple steps to write an impressive introduction for your article:
  1. It starts with the first paragraph, where you need to work on grabbing the reader’s attention and roll out the entire idea of the article.
  2. The second paragraph should hold on the reader creating a curiosity to move ahead and know more.
  3. All that the user needs to learn and experience should conclude the third paragraph.
  • Bullet points: Rather than reading across lengthy paragraphs, people prefer to catch a glimpse of those points that are put under bullets, as it highlights the most important features that they are searching for. There is no limit to the number of bullets that you can actually include in your article. It can be 5, 10, 20 and so on.
  • These points actually provide an outline for your article. There is no point in curating an article without a head or tail, people will get bored after a particular point of time and choose to quit the site. People will be eager to read the content under these outlines, as it explains better what each point holds. It actually conveys a kind of serious action whenever an outline is used to describe what a paragraph holds.
  • Add substantial piece of research information to each of your points: Listen, the internet has a lot of options like news materials, Press Releases, Research theories, etc. etc. with regard to any kind of topic you are searching for. Simply, go through these materials and jot down the points that seem to be vital and striking to you from the reader’s perspective. Another point to be noted is that never overdo whatever research or press release material you are using to prove the authenticity of your article, as too much of it will irritate your reader.
  • Rather than working too much on emphasizing a single point, give time to add research information to prove each of your points.
  • Images are important: An article with a few images, is more interesting to read than the one with only hard core data. These images usually catch the eye of the reader and prompts the user to read the article. You can simply find these images via Google Search. How do you make your search for images effective? Search for images using the keywords relevant to your article. The images need not be creative but these should be attractive.

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